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Portugal.gif violeNt
Jeune membre

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Posted on 30/03/2024  
RE : Unban
Quote by Anonymous :
Quote by violeNt :
Quote by TheReDeeMeR :

He's not cheating and he's a good player, far better player than most who are fawned over by noobs here, without deserving it at all...

It doesn't use an aimbot and the Wallhack is not conclusive, I can drill in any of those places myself...

Use the shop smartly and don't abuse retry...

Unlike so many others out there, with HS percentage above 40% which is clearly a BOT indicator, it is clear in the demo.

Congratulations you have my respect, I hope you don't disappoint me by using additions in other demos... Until then...

See you ingame...


The Link Violant+Redemer Refering is just a WebPortal Address.

The First Link was claimed to be 'Demo' is deleted. 

The Redeemer is on No. 3 Spot with 1835 kills and 555  death in 4 days.

The no. 1 spot player like Violant aka Godlike comment in support of this person shows some fishy. 
Need high time eye on both.


 Link the demo - https://uploadnow.io/f/zKZkgfB

Let me tell you, I don't know this TheReDeeMeR anywhere, I would never defend a cheater even as my friend. Unlike so many others,

I tell the truth even when it's not the best for me. I don't burn anyone just because it suits me. The community needs truth, not false arguments...

In this demo in question it's not clear that he's using wallhack and when it's not clear we should give it the benefit of the doubt.

There are several demos on this forum with aimbots declared without punishment...

So first clean up those that there is no doubt about and then think about the rest,

if you can't ban them because they fund all this, then keep them because the show must go on and for me everything is fine, I understand perfectly, as long as you don't throw sand in my eyes...

Happy Easter to all !!!

End and Out 


violeNt  aka GODLIKE

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Acores.gif The.Great.Khan.II

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Posted on 31/03/2024  
RE : Unban
Yeah yeah yeah

Very talented and Professional Players.

Just watch the Last 5 Minut of demo before getting banned.
May be he is Ultra Pro in Last 5 minut admin Player only saw that Part.

Well. welcome Back in game.

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