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More admins on deathmatch??

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Jeune membre

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Posted on 16/05/2023  
More admins on deathmatch??
Hi guys, some of you may know me (AD), I play cs most days and actually I only play on this server when I do play CS 1.6

Lately we have had a lot of cheaters, aimers, walls and speed..
The last 2 weeks we have had a few players, new players in fact coming in and cheating against original players like myself and taking the fun out of playing on this server, is there any way we can have more admins on this server? im willing to offer to become admin, I play daily, most admins know me on there.

I did get Jjames to kick someone off the game for cheating but he said that the admins are restricted in banning players. I have the names of the cheaters on the game.
Rohlik & Jjames know me we play often.
There is around 10-15 of us who play together on most days but we are finding it difficult to play properly when people are constantly cheating.
We don't only come here to play but we also come here to socialise with people from all over the world, but like i said when people are cheating it kills the game..

There is a few cheaters that need to be banned:
Mike Oxlong

these two are the main people that need to be banned..

Thank you

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France.gif Chiken

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Posted on 17/05/2023  
RE : More admins on deathmatch??
hello add me steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960366093
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